Zxwar Bot#3479

is Zxwar Discord Bot with Moderation, Utility, Info, and many more command

Zxwar Bot

What This Is Bot??

This bot has features that are useful for your server, This Command Zxwar bot

  • Moderation

ban, unban, kick, clear, mute, unmute, tempmute, slowmode, lock, unlock, Info ping, help, npm, botinfo, userinfo, serverinfo, level, membercount, weather, emojiinfo,

  • Utility

addrole, removerole, avatar, nuke, poll, discrim, embed

  • Image

rip, meme, clyde, slap, gay, wasted, triggered, meeting,

  • Animals

birb, cat, dog, panda, catfact, dogfact, pandafact, birbfact, whale

  • Fun

qr, howgay, quote, petpat

  • Games

connect4, 8ball, ascii, pokemon, snake

  • Giveaway

start, reroll, edit, delete,

  • ChatBot

chatbot, setchatbot, disablechatbot

  • Main

translate, suggest, afk,

  • Economy

work, withdraw, weekly, store, slots, setinfo, setbackround, roulette, pay, leaderboard, fish, deposite, daily, buy, beg, balance,

  • Other

invite, support, report,


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