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Bot.exe is a multipurpose bot. Bot.exe has a Moderation, Logging a fun module and more! Try Bot.exe out!

Hello, I am Bot.exe, I can do very much tings like logging, ban, mute, kick, etc. I am equiped with a logging, fun, info, moderation, admin and point modules.

The default prefix is - but you can change this with -sp [your custom prefix up to 3 characters!] or -setprefix [your custom prefix up to 3 characters!] To get all my commands please visit my website or do -help in the chat! If you don't remember what you did put in as a prefix, you can ping the bot and it will automatically send what the prefix is!

I have over 100 commands. Invite me and test them all out! I am comming with more! Do you have any ideas for commands for me? Join my support server and make a suggestion!

If you want to know the commands you can see them on my website or with -help [or if you have custom prefix use that].

If you want to join our support server join here


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