004 (Beta)#8280

A music bot can play on youtube / soundcloud / spotify

+play/+p <Name video | URL video> - play in (YouTube/spotify)

+psc <name | url > play in (soundcloud)

+stop - Stop currentvideo and clear the queue

+skip/+s - Skip current video

+remove/+rm [queue number] - Remove videos from queue

+pause - Pause play queue

+resume/+rs - Resume play queue

+disconnect/+dc - Let bot leave voice channel

+queue/+q - Shows all videos queue

+skipto/+st [queue number] - Skip to the Queue video you select

+nowplay/+np - Shows current playing video

+volume/+vl [1 - 200] - Adjust volume the bot

+loop/+l [on | off] - Enable/Disable Loop queue

+lyrics/+ly - Search the lyric of the song you play


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