Amongcord is a mystery and strategy game that challenges players on their ability to lie as well as detect when other players are lying.

A Quick Look

Sensational Experience

  • A game shrouded in mystery and strategic lies! Detect liars or be one yourself!

Smooth Gameplay

  • One command and you're already playing! No learning curve!

Server Activity

  • The most fun you will ever have in a server! Make friends through unique ways!

The Gameplay

Beautiful and creative tasks to solve

  • Detailed tasks that require speed, attention and your best judgement in order to solve - especially when the Defector attacks!

With 20 stylish characters

  • A unique color and name for each of the 20 characters. If you pay attention to the gameplay you might even figure out their personality!

And unique roles to play

  • No matter which role you get assigned, it will never get boring. Even as a Submariner you have the chance to flip the game around - at the right moment!


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