Mermaidman is a fun bot, it have many features like games, anime, economy and many again

see this!

Simple Command


Anything about me


To see a user avatar


I will steal link from youtube


To see a cute dog


To see a cute cat


Create new ticket


Whois your friendsmirk




Text to emoji

joyFunny commandjoy


To see a jokes


To see a funny meme


My legend word


Stonks lol

video_gameGames and economy commanddollar


To see games command menu


To see economy command menu

$customEmoji[$message[>1]] :Grass_Block:Minecraft command$customEmoji[$message[>1]] :Grass_Block:


To see a funny villager


To make a minecraft achievement


to steal skin from user

$customEmoji[$message[>1]] :Youtube:Search Web command$customEmoji[$message[>1]] :Google:


Search for youtube


Search for google

astonishedRolePlay commandsmirk


Punch random people


Kick people (Not get kicked from server)

toolsModeration commandtools


To warn people


clear message


Kick people from this server


count all member


Delete Channe by name

slot_machineRate machine Commandslot_machine


Gay rate machine rainbow_flag


Cool rate machine sunglasses


Simp rate machine flushed


Beauty rate machine kissing_closed_eyes


For now i just have this command and didn't perfect yet

Peace :D


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$color[$randomText[f0f0; ffff0; 49749; ffffff]]

$footer[Bot by Kazama#5791]



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