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autumn is one of the best anti-nukes on discord, it comes with many commands/features ( a few are listed below )

autumn is one of the best bots on discord, it comes with 6 categories that can be accessed by using >help but 3 categories are shown below, >prefix can be used to show the prefix for that current guild.

autumn was made by 3 people - danger, gzd, and jinx

hope you enjoy the bot as we do !

things autumn protects:

channel deletions channel creations member removals such as(ex. bans and kicks) member role updates member updates guild vanity updates guild settings updates webhook creations webhook deletions webhook updates emoji creations emoji deletions emoji updates

many server commands such as:

banner serverpfp snipe esnipe av ping purge clear nuke

many moderation commands such as:

Ban Kick Mute Unmute Slowmode Lock Unlock

many music commands such as:

play resume stop nowplaying pause queue


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