Revolutionary multipurpose bot, almost 200 commands. Also has mod, fun and image editing and much more


Multipurpose bot with almost 200 cool commands!
(Bot is actively under development so more features will be added daily!)

Almost 30 search commands for many sites such as:

  1. MyAnimeList
    • Anime
    • Character
    • Quotes
    • Manga
  2. Urban Dictionary
  3. Wikipedia.org
  4. Country Info API
  5. Youtube.com
  6. Google - Links
  7. Google - Images
  8. Google - Advanced search engine right in discord with control buttons!
  9. Fishbase.se
  10. Pexel Images
  11. (Hex) Color - info
  12. Lyrics / song info
  13. Pypi.org
  14. Movie search
  15. giphy.com
  16. weather org
  17. Currency Converter
  18. Dictionary com
  19. Pokedex And more!
Anime commands!, moderation, music, games
fun & games, reddit and image-manipulation!

Games in discord!

  • Tictactoe game system to play tictactoe right in discord!
  • Interactive Hangman Game right within discord!
  • Other games include guess the logo , rock, paper, scissors, Fake or real headlines, Clicking reaction speed game and more!
  • You gain a certain amount of points for each game you play! $help games
    • $leaderboard to see global leaderboard $rank to see current score!

Other Features:

  • Upvoting system for the chat
  • Discord-link embedding!
  • Full discord marriage system
  • Advanced calculator that can calculate things from advanced expressions, trigonometry functions to special calculations such as LCM, GCF, Median, Average and more
  • Snipe / editsnipe (can snipe images, Dank Memer cant 😉 )
  • A full Music setup (music commands)!
  • Moderation commands, Info / General commands, autorole etc.
  • And more! Like the name also suggests, the bot also features fishbase.se search commands

(Join our support server to suggest a command or feature or if you need help with anything)
Help command - $help or $help [menu]
Info - $info and such


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