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A cool bot for your needs whether it comes to moderaton, logging, role management, verification system, blocking invite links and url's

Help Command = (st+help)

The bot will do anything you want! It has a cool logging system like delete messages, edit messages, welcome/leave logs. it has moderation commands like kick, ban, mute, unmute, addrole, removerole, memes, networking commands geolookup, portscan, pinghost. antilink commands that blocks invite links and urls. antispam commands to stop raids and spam, some cool misc commands, verification system that verifies a user that joins a server. covid19 commands to keep you updated on the coronavirus! new commands will be added soon, if there is any problem with the bot please join the support server! The bot will be running 24/7! It will have some down time, the downtimes can be adding new commands or the vps has a issue. Other than that enjoy the bot.


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