Music+ | An awesome Music bot with Filters so you can listen to your song the way you like them

Ever wanted some custom filters, like 8D, nightcore, Phaser, etc to the song you're listening? Well, wait no more. This bot will add filters to the song you're listening instantly and play it for you.

Example Commands

To add a filter, type m!filter <filter name>.

A list of all the filters can be found with m!help.

Here's an example, m!filter 8D, this will play the song in 8D now. You can add multiple filters to a song, but adding/removing more than one filter at a time to the bot may cause the bot to stop working. So please wait until the filter is applied.

To get info about all the commands, type m!help.

Want to shuffle your queue? Type m!shuffle and it will shuffle your queue.

My Website(Where you can find my other bot):
You can check the status of Music+ at the status page


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