Piglin Talks#0251

A Strong Brainshop A.I Powered Chat Bot! Have no one to talk with? Bored? DON'T WORRY! Invite me to your server, and I will chat with you!

Piglin Talks is a strong A.I Powered chat bot which will chat with you when you are bored!

Excluding this, Piglin Talks also has many other features including moderation, minigames, search, roleplay, giveaways, and a dynamic reaction based help menu!

Want to search some users profile on instagram, or want to search an app on steam / apple store / playstore, or want some help coding a bot using the discord docs? I will help in this too!

There's a LOT more you can do with me including turning your avatar into an IphoneX, poking / biting / hugging your friends, impersonating as some other member, viewing random jokes and memes, knowing what is in your fortune and starting and ending giveaways.....

What are YOU waiting for after reading this? GO invite me to your server NOW!

How to get started: To get started simply type -help in your discord server. A full list of commands with a dynamic reaction based help menu will appear! Use -chatchannel <mention channel> to set a chat channel and you can now chat with the bot in that channel! Set a new prefix using -setprefix <new prefix>


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