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A multi-purpose bot that provides the fun and enjoyment of music, socially interactive gifs, and moderation with plenty more to discover.

Solar, a multi-purpose discord bot created to merge plenty of enjoyable features that many famously known bots have. With Solar, a lot of requirements are met to aid server owners with tedious tasks. As it now stands, Solar has 194 various commands to give you, a server owner or user, a unique experience. With 13 usable modules, Solar mainly strives on its usefulness to aid user in their day-to-day communication in their favorite servers. The most notable features now is the global emoji usage, allowing you to use emojis from any server Solar is in. In addition to global emojis, you can also steal emojis you really like and add them to your server through Solar. Aside from emojis, Solar has counting, moderation, image manipulation, leveling, music, and much more. It's certainly worth a try, if there are ever any problems or suggestions then feel free to reach out to me personally in regards to that.


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