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moderation,music,utility,fun,antinuke bot has many commands and more getting made and added at the moment

heartless is one of the best bots on discord, it comes with 8 categories that can be accessed by using >help and categories by >[category of choice] but 8 categories are shown below, prefix is > or you can do @heartless help

things heartless protects:

channel deletions channel creations member removals such as(ex. bans and kicks) member role updates member updates guild vanity updates guild settings updates webhook creations webhook deletions webhook updates

emoji commands such as: add delete enlarge

many server commands such as: banner guildicon snipe avatar ping purge clear invitebackground roleinfo userinfo jailed members(if jail command in used) membercount

many admin commands such as: creatrole deleterole removerole addrole botclear(bc) Ban Kick Mute Unmute slowmode lockdown jail unjail clear(c number)

Music commands such as: join leave play(p) skip resume pause repeat volume np(nowplaying) queue

fun commands such as:

slap kiss pet feed cute rate hug horny rate cute rate combine feed smug pat loyal rate 8ball coinflip dick length tickle

and more still commands still being added at the moment


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