Genshin Bot! Wish-Pity tracker! Talents character reminders! Daily tasks reminders! Wiki and AIO Genshin Impact bot to help you in the game!

Genshin Utilities Bot ( GenshinUtils )

This is a Genshin oriented bot aimed to help travelers in their journeys. This bot is Safe For Work.


  • Daily customizable reminders(so you know what to farm each day)
  • Character Talents reminders based on the days needed(with domain maps included)
  • Weapons tracker to keep track of days needed to grab ascencion materials for your weapons
  • Daily chores/farms to be done(customizable). Never again forget to kill WEI's for primogems or other mundane/daily tasks!
  • Gacha tracker(so you never again have to count your history of wishes to see when next 5* is coming) Click here for more
  • Wiki
  • Announcements when genshin has new updates/blog posts
  • Best routes for farming mobs
  • Best routes for specific resources
  • Wish simulator
  • Resin reminder (reminds you when your resin is full)



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