Spixx includes a large range of commands for everyone to enjoy! Ranging from Currency, Image, Fun & More!! Try them out for your self <3

Default Prefix: s!

Spixx inlucdes a variety of commands like:
Memey, Currency, Image, Fun, Utility & Alot More!
You can see a list of these commands by running the s!Help command!

Bot Description:

Spixx is a upcoming bot, with alot of helpful commands which can be used with ease!
Spixx includes weekly updates which include alot more content to improve the experience for everyone!
(Please expect bugs while using this bot as it is in a very early stage of development, you can report bugs to the developer directly).
If you would like to see something certain added to Spixx feel free to let me know! Im always more than happy to take suggestions aslong as they abide by Discord TOS!

Have fun <3


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