Hello im Majesty! bot contains many features that you can use easily and will help you with many things in your server!

to see what i can do write +help i have many commands fun / moderation / help You can add me in your server for free. I will try and add many commands to help u and please you. and to make you happy.


moderation commands:

+addrole : add role to user

+removerole : remove role user

+clear : clear chat

+nick : to change nickname

+reset : to reset nickname

+roles : to show server roles

+mute : to mute people perm

+tempmute : to unmute people days/hours

+unmute: to unmute people

+user: to show user info

Fun commands:

+xo : xo fun game

+aki : aki bot will ask user some question and bot will expect the character user +loves .

+anime : to get info about your anime search

+avatar : to show discord pic

+emojify : to bot type ur write but will use emoji etc..

+meme : to get meme fun

+say : to say message

+trivia : question game.

help/info commands:

+bot : to show bot info

+djs : to search with discord.javascript

+emoji : to show server emojis

+firstmessage : to show first message in channel

+help : to show help commands

+guilds : to show servers bot in

+serverinfo: to show server info +remind: to reminder

+transcript : like log command send to u file Contains the last 100 messages in the channel

+translate: to translate anything you need. We are glad that we are talking with people from different countries


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