Tutur's slave#0517

This bot can do a lot of things, from useless commands like getting a virtual cookie, to wishing your friends a happy birthday!

Bot history:

Tutur's Slave is a new Discord bot that I had firstly created to learn more about how bots are working.

I had finally loved coding it so much that I have never stopped.

After weeks of coding and beta testing, it finally became public!

What does the bot do

Commands are currently organised in 3 different categories:

  • Normal: there are here all the basic commands like help, info, ping, etc.

  • Social: you'll find some well-known commands like hug or slap, but also an exclusive one: birthday, which can be used to wish a happy birthday to a friend with a beautiful picture.

  • Miscellaneous: all the other commands, like roll or acknowledgments.

PS: I will also add a moderation category soon.

I hope you will like using it!


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