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A multipurpose Discord Bot that's perfect for your server!

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Hey, I’m Konke, and I’ll keep your server safe easily! I can give you:

Type k!help to see all of Konke’s commands!



k!kick - Kicks a user

k!ban - Ban a user

k!mute/unmute - Mutes/Unmutes a user

k!clean - Cleans x messages from a channel


k!ship - Generates a ship between a random two members 😍

k!ai - Talk to a (very bad) AI Chatbot!

k!dog - Fetches a picture of a dog!

k!cat - Fetches a picture of a cat!

k!fox - Fetches a picture of a fox!

k!panda - Fetches a picture of a panda!

k!meme - Fetches a meme from Reddit!


k!whois - Gives you information about a user

k!server - Gives you information about the current server

Help & Support

k!help - Gives you a list of commands!

k!support - Gives you a link to the official Discord Server!

k!invite - Gives you the invite link!