MyVerify discord bot is currently serving people in 80+ discord servers. MyVerify helps in simple verification needs!

myVerify is a verification discord bot which allows you to be able to setup different verify situations in your server!

3 Levels of verification:

Level 1 = Simple Verification with basic commands. Level 2 = Slightly more advanced and able to add more features! Level 3 = Able to view an image that allows you to verify!

You can setup this bot in many ways:

  1. Automatically adds verify channels and roles
  2. choose your channel name, role name & role Colour!
  3. Use a message and role id to create the verification!

So whats coming?

  • Website | You can change permissions/ edit verify channels
  • Better Verification commands!

Credits to @Sprocx & @George for making this discord bot!

If you need any other help with setting up our bot, you can join our support server for our bot here!

Thanks for your support!


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