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Guardian Angel is a anti-nuke/wizz bot with more than 85 commands.

Guardian Angel is a bot that prevents users & staff from destroying your server. If a user is not whitelisted and bans/kicks a member, invites a bot to the server, delete channels/roles or give unwhitelisted members kick/ban permissions and even creates webhooks they will be removed from the server. The bot has 6 categories which are Anti-Nuke, moderation, fun, lastfm, misc, and info. The anti commands are setup, whitelist, whitelisted, unwhitelist, and antinuke*. The commands that are in moderation are ban, unban, kick, purge, nick, botbc, silence, unsilence, prefix*, role*, bans, mute, unmute, nuke, lock, unlock, slowmode, logs*, and massunban. In the info category the commands are ping, stats, support, invite, and credits. In the misc category they are serverinfo, channelinfo, roleinfo, inrole, banner, icon, emoji, invitebackground, avatar, whois, leaderboard, invites, stats, id, snipe, suggest, and afk. In fun the commmands are coinflip, cute, 8ball, 911, cum, penis, gayrate, fry, pixelate, blue, supreme, darksupreme, blurify, invert, gay, jpegify, snow, kiss, pat, feed, smug, tickle, slap, communist, pornhub, pornhubcomment, hack, mem, urban, emojitify, translate, corona. Under the last category lastfm to use these you have to do {prefix}fm then the command, the commands are help, set, unset, profile, nowplaying, recent, serverrecent, crowns, topartist, topalbums, toptracks, last, artist, album, servernp, whoknows, whoknows track, and whoknows album.


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