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Do more, pay nothing. Keep your server active with Ch1llBlox's 100+ commands including giveaways, leveling, music, currency & more.

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❔ About

❔ About Ch1llBlox

Ch1llBlox is a Roblox bot that has over 100+ commands with the one time price of $0.

❓ Why I made Ch1llBlox

I am always using Discord bots. Whether it’s banning a bad actor to listening to music in a Voice Chat. But I always run into a problem and that problem is that most commands with that select bot costs me money. When making my bot, I kept in mind this bot would not have a single thing that would cost money to gain benefit(s).

📋 Information

⁉ Support

If you acquire help, we ask that you join Ch1llBlox’s Support Server on Discord.