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Among Us Discord bot you need for your friends server. | Manages your group/server voice chats while playing Among Us

About This Among Us Bot allows you to play Among Us with friends without having to worry about people that forgetting to mute, unmuting when dead or any of those pesky things that come with playing in a voice chat on Discord.

I created this bot as a side project but it has become a very important project that I am constantly improving and working on from user feedback and bug reports. Feel free to invite the bot to your servers and enjoy playing Among Us with friends.

Commands Command prefix is '.' like '.mute'

Game Commands

Commands Description
mute Mutes everyone that is currently not dead requires Mute Members and Deafen Members permission.
unmute Unmutes everyone in your current voice channel, only the bot requires Mute Members and Deafen Members permission.
ping Latency of the bot.
dead Do this if you are dead, so you stay muted until you win or lose!
kill @DiscordP1 Alternative to .dead requires Mute Members and Deafen Members permission
clear Do this if you finish the match, so you will unmute all dead players.
users See current users in the hosts voice channel require DISCORD ADMIN permission.
ghostmode Mute mics AND headphones for everyone between rounds except the dead (so they can talk with each other) requires Mute Members and Deafen Members permission.
server View a Dashboard server informations.
info View some important informations about the Bot.
I also made a video to make it easier for you to see and understand all the functions of this bot in full details.
Here is the link :


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