Server Stat#3055

Minecraft Java and Bedrock server tracking and skin searching discord bot

Server Stat is still in development and some features may not always work as intended.

Server Stat is a Minecraft server status bot which has all the features you need!

  • Server info and latency
  • Formatted player lists
  • Player searching and skin changing
  • Scroll down to see more features

How to use:

Command Key:

  • Anything wrapped in <> is a required argument
  • Anything wrapped in [] is optional

You can do .help to get a list of all available commands and .help [command] if you would like help on a specific command.

Once server stat is in your server you can use these helpful commands to get everything setup!

  • .setip <server ip> - This command allows you to set the ip of the server that the bot will use in your server.
    • Example: .setip
  • .setport <server port> - If you server does not use the default port of 25565 OR you are running a bedrock server then you will want to change the port that the bot uses to connect to the server.
    • Example: .setport 19132 - Default port for bedrock servers.
  • .setaddress <server address> - This command is a combination of the 2 above, it will set the server ip and port from the server address, this should be the address that you would enter to join the server in-game.
    • Example: .setaddress
  • .setlogchannel <channel id> - The bot allows for basic server logs, it will log when the server comes online, goes offline or restarts, as well as player join/leave messages for supported versions.
    • Example: .setlogchannel here - Set log channel to the current channel.


  • Smart server log
    • A message when users join or leave the server
    • Online/offline and restart messages

  • .players View the server player list
    • Displays an image of player names and avatars

  • .info OR .ping <server address> - Get server info
    • Displays info about the server
    • The latency of the server
    • Favicon of the server
    • Number of players that are online
    • The Minecraft version and if the server is modded

  • .mods A list of mods on a server
    • Only if the server is modded
  • .plugins A list of bukkit plugins on a server
    • Only if the server has bukkit plugins

  • Check if the bot supports your server with the .version command
    • Information about supported minecraft versions

  • .whois <name | uuid> Get any player's skin and username history
    • Download or change to a player's skin


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