Iron man#0578

This is Custom Discord Bot with a lot of commands for Discord communities.(100+ commands). There are Color, Mod, Points, Info, Fun, Etc..,


Hello Friends,this is the Custom Discord Bot with a lot of commands for the Discord Communities.This bot is having 100+ commands.

◽The user can change his nickname with the command nickname

◽The Default Prefix is > you can change this prefix by the command >setprefix {newprefix}.


◽Friends, This is the commands only for the server Admin

=>I will Explain you some commands

AutoKick => This is the command that is used to kick the user who got limited number of warning. You can keep no.of warning that the bot should kick the user.

◽There are so many commands to make the server to setup fast and best.We can have verification, Welcome and Farewell messages

◽We can also assign auto roles to the user who have joined the server.The some commands can be enabled or disabled to that server only.

You can tell the bot which is Admin Role and which is Moderation Role.


◽There are so many Moderation commands Like Kick, Ban, Mute, Warn, Clear Etc...

◽There is a command called purgebot which is used to delete a perticular Bot messages.

◽You can change the nick name of the member with the command setnickname.

The Above all commands can only used by mod and above

There are more commands like INFO, FUN, POINTS

If you found any bug or error you can report it with command Reportbugor if you want to send feedback use the command Feedback


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