Crewmate (Among Us)#2907

Crewmate is a Discord bot for helping you play Among Us.

Crewmate, an Among Us discord bot

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Crewmate is a Discord bot for helping you play Among Us. Made using TypeScript, discord.js and Commando.

This bot is still a work in progress; I am actively making new features, and if you'd like to suggest something for me to add, please DM me on Discord.

Disclaimer: Some commands may not look correct if the bot does not have the Use External Emojis permission. The bot will not work at all without Embed Links, as all messages use embeds.

Commands (default prefix: c <command>)

Meta Commands (groups: commands, utility)

enable & disable: Enable or Disable a command or command group. prefix: Check what the current prefix is prefix <value>: Change prefix in current server ping: Check bot's connection to Discord servers help: Show help and command list

Among Us (group: assist)

wiki <value>: Search for something in the wiki and show a summary inside Discord maps: Quick access to map guides


As I said before, you can suggest features in my Direct Messages.

If you find a bug, make a GitHub issue. Do not make GitHub issues for suggestions. DM me them and if I decide it's a good idea, I'll make the issue.

If you'd like to add something to the bot yourself, feel free to make a pull request. If I add something major from a pull request, I'll make sure to credit you in c help.


Crewmate is licensed under the GPL v3 license.


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