A general purpose bot that has absolutely no paywalls! Siren currently has music, moderation, and fun commands. (More are coming soon!)


Forked from JMusicBot

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  • Quick & smooth loading of songs
  • "DJ" role that can moderate the music (A "Mod" role will be coming soon)
  • Clean messages & GUIs
  • Channel-topic playback bar
  • Fun & useful commands
  • Unique & useful commands
  • High amount of customizability



siren about - Shows info about the bot
siren ping - Checks the bot's latency
siren stats - Checks the bot's various stats
siren settings - Shows the bot's settings
siren help - Shows these commands


siren mycat - Shows some of my kitties
siren cat - Shows some random kitties
siren dog - Shows some random doggos
siren httpcat - Shows some http kitties
siren roll ([optional amount of sides on the die] [optional "-s" to roll the die privately in DMs]) - Rolls a die which is perfect for games like DnD
(More coming soon)


siren lyrics [song name] - Shows the lyrics to the currently-playing song
siren nowplaying - Shows the song that is currently playing
siren play <title|URL|subcommand> - Plays the provided song
siren playlists - Shows the available playlists
siren queue [pagenum] - Shows the current queue
siren seek <HH:MM:SS>|<MM:SS>|<SS> - Seeks to a certain position in the song (Exmaple: "siren seek 10:00" would seek to 10 mins.)
siren remove <position|ALL> - Removes a song from the queue
siren search <query> - Searches Youtube for a provided query
siren scsearch <query> - Searches Soundcloud for a provided query
siren shuffle - Shuffles songs you have added
siren skip - Votes to skip the current song

DJ Only:

siren forceremove <user> - Removes all entries by a user from the queue
siren forceskip - Skips the current song
siren movetrack <from> <to> - Move a track in the current queue to a different position
siren pause - Pauses the current song
siren playnext <title|URL> - Plays a single song next
siren repeat [on|off] - Re-adds music to the queue when finished
siren skipto <position> - Skips to the specified song
siren stop - Stops the current song and clears the queue
siren volume [0-150] - Sets or shows volume


siren kick <username> [reason] - Kicks a user from your guild
siren ban <username> [reason] - Bans a user from your guild
(More coming soon)

Admin Only:

siren prefix <prefix|NONE> - Sets a server-specific prefix
siren setdj <rolename|NONE> - Sets the DJ role for certain music commands
siren settc <channel|NONE> - Sets the text channel for music commands
siren setvc <channel|NONE> - Sets the voice channel for playing music
siren purge <number of messages> - Deletes messages in bulk (Max of 100)
siren announce <message> - Puts whatever you say into an embed (More features will be added soon)
siren setembedcolor <hex code|role> - You can change the color of Siren's embeds (Or you set them to be the color of Siren's role with the command "siren setembedcolor role".)

Questions/Suggestions/Bug Reports

Please read the Known Bugs & Planned Features List before suggesting a feature. If you'd like to suggest changes to how the bot functions, recommend more customization options, or report bugs, feel free to either open an Issue on this repository, or join my Discord server.


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