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Vendetta is a anti-nuke with 8 categories and over 80 commands, which are being updated by the day.

Vendetta is a bot with 8 categories and over 80 commands. The categories are as followed Anti, admin, holy, server, music, lastfm, misc, and fun. In the Anti category is where you will whitelist peopple for the antinuke, preventing people from nuking your server, and doing any harm such as adding unathorized bots. Admin is where you will find all the admin commands in the bot, such as ban, unban, purge, addrole, removerole, and things like botclear and imagebotclear. The next category is holy, which is where you will find all bot related commands such as invite, stats, uptime, and the support server. In music you will find the music commands which are join, leave, play, pause, resume, stop, np, queue, clear, skip, and volume. Misc contains all the miscellaneous commands such as avatar, snipe, imgur search, userinfo, id avatar. Fun which is the last category contains all the fun commands such as testing your loyalty, asking 8 ball, kiss, hugs and many more.


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