Clyde 2.0 is a fun moderation utility bot ready to handle your server!

Clyde 2.0

Clyde 2.0 is a multipurpose discord bot with the intention to protect your server. Clyde has features like Verification, Tickets, Moderation, Utility, and Fun. To setup Clyde do command /setup this command will give you 4 things you need or want to setup. To setup the verification do command /set-ver. The roles needed for verification is ClydeUse | dowsee once you make these roles the bot will automatically auto role users dowsee when they first join to verify. When the user is done following the instructions for verification then they will be granted the ClydeUse role showing you they verified. To setup the message logging do command /set-logs. This will allow deleted messages to log.

Privacy Policy

Does Clyde 2.0 collect data?

Yes. Clyde 2.0 collects the following: Warn Command Data. This data is collected so the warn command will track warns.

How Can I Delete My Data?

You can delete the data by doing command clearwarns to delete the data from the user. Or simply kick the bot out of the server. If the user warned leaves the server then the warns get cleared from that user.

How Can I Contact You Able This Data?

To contact us join are support server:

Support Server:

Problems Setting Up Clyde?

Join Are Support Server And We Will Help You!:


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