Multipurpose+ | The Only Multipurpose Bot you need™

A cool All In One bot for your cool server

• Customizable Behaviour •

• New Updates Rapidly •

• 99.99% uptime, Online 24/7 and friendly, quick to respond support staff •

• smooth, and modern user interface •

• Community Driven - Your suggestion matters •

• Play music from where ever you want •

A list of all commands for the bots can be found at this

Some example commands

.help : Returns the website link for commands

.play Despacito : Join the voice channel and plays Despacito for you

.play <Custom MP4/MP3 link>: Joins the voice channel and plays the audio for you

.download <Song Name/ Song Link>: Downloads a song in .mp3 format and sends it in the channel

.ban @Udit#2303 foo bar: Bans Udit#2303 for the reason "foo bar"

.jail @Udit#2303 : Returns an image of the user being jailed

.chatid #general : Sets #general as the AI chat channel

In #general:

Input: Hello!

Output: Random message taken from the database

.warn @Udit#2303 You're Bad : Warns Udit#2303 for the reason: "You're Bad"

.meme : Returns a random meme from Reddit

.automeme #channel : Sets #channel as the automeme channel. The bot will now send memes here every 30minutes.

.xpset <enabled/disabled> : Enables or disables levelling for your server

If you want to check out the website for this bot and get a more detailed description of these commands, visit

You can check the status of Multipurpose+ at the status page


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