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The best bot for welcoming people to your server with customized images! 100% FREE!

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Why should I invite this waving blob???<br> This is the MOST custimizable bot that is 100% FREE!! CUSTOMIZABLE!!! With the ability to choose fonts and a backgrond FOR FREE, this is definitely the best welcome bot! You can can also set DM messages!🤯 Look at the example<br> <img src=“https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/750116103853703178/774391044515037214/chrome_KCShR4yMG5.png” alt=“An example of some of the cool fonts and backgrounds the bot have!”><br><br>

That sound’s SO complicated to setup!<br> It’s easy! Our bot defaults are already pretty good, just do the commands ??set 1 true and ??set 8 true AND ??set 7 (channel). You are good to go!<br><br>

AHHHH, but I am one of the people who like fancy stuff and custom fonts and backgrounds. Is seems SO hard to set that up! It’s the easiest thing in the world!<br><br>

Enable/Disable Join Messages: ??set 1 true/false<br> Change Background: ??set 2 (background image URL)<br> Change Image Message: ??set 3 (message)<br> Change Message: ??set 4 (message)<br> Mention: ??set 5 true/false<br> Display Member Count: ??set 6 true/false<br> Join Message Channel: ??set 7 (channel)<br> Set font: ??set 8 (font)<br> Enable/Disable DM Messages: ??set 9 true/false<br> Set DM message: ??set 10 (message)<br><br>

OH NO WHY ISN’T THE BOT SENDING A MESSAGE<br> You probably forgot to set a channel with ??set 7 (channel)<br> Or you probably didn’t enable it with ??set 1 true<br>