🚨Moderation 👻Utility 🎫Ticket System 😂Memes 🔒Lockdown System 👑Activeness System 🍪Afk Hyper System ❤️Love

🚨 | Moderation: Moderation Commands that includes... Ban, kick, nickname change, clear message, and anti-link

👻 | Utility: Simple, but useful commands such as botinfo, serverinfo, covid, server id and server avatar.

🎫 | Ticket System: Very advanced Ticket System that has a ticket setup that is straight foward and eazy. Highly advanced featurers which includes claim, admin only, add/remove user, and the newest and most useful out of all... the ticket ban.

❤️ | love commands like: kiss,hug,cuddle,kill,slap...

🔒 | Lockdown System Is there a raid goin on? Do you need to give out a mass mute? Well channel lock system has your back! This system will have features that is advanced and will get the job done!

😂 | memes Updated and cool memes: drake, magik, stonks, grave, npc, stonks, pp, gayrate, simprate, kidrate, tableflip, clyde,trump..


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