Discord bot that downloads media from many popular websites with one simple command.

Provided by pnfx.dev / pnfx.me/DiscDL

Command Usage:

As mentioned earlier, DiscDL is a super simple Discord bot. To download a video, all you need to do is send a message using one of the prefixes (listed below) followed by the URL that you want to download media from.

When the bot finishes fetching the video details, it will send a link in return with a URL to its own website where you are able to preview the video, download the video, and/or download the audio! (audio not available on every platform)

* DiscDL will accept single-video links, meaning it cannot download entire playlists or an entire user account/channel.


* Keep in mind that the bot usage is NOT limited to these sources.

YouTube video: dl;https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FqGpT3yhUI

Twitter video: dl;https://twitter.com/AAAAAGGHHHH/status/1302117912233168897

Using the bot:

In a Server

To use the bot in a server, you can invoke the bot using a prefix. The list of prefixes that work with the bot are , ⬇️, 🔽, ⤵️, or you can just simply use dl;.

In Direct Messages

You can also use the bot in Direct Messages! The bot works only a tiny bit different in Direct Messages; you can either use a prefix (listed above) or you can just simply only send the URL that you want to the bot!


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