Cryptonix Is a Multi Purpose Discord Bot For You To Enjoy! Admin Commands, Fun Commands, Logging and MORE!


Prefix: c! (Customizable) More Information: !help [command] Info [22] admins, aliases, avatar, botinfo, channelinfo, emojis, findid, help, inviteme, members, mods, permissions, ping, prefix, roleinfo, servercount, servericon, serverinfo, serverstaff, stats, uptime and userinfo Fun [23] 8ball, bird, cat, catfact, coinflip, dog, dogfact, duck, emojify, fox, meme, roll, rps, say, shibe, solotrivia, thouart, topics, trivia, trumptweet, yesno, yomomma and youtube Color [5] color, colors, createcolor, createdefaultcolors and randomcolor Points [8] crown, explainpoints, givepoints, leaderboard, points, pointsper, position and totalpoints Misc [3] feedback, nickname and reportbug Mod [16] addrole, ban, clearwarns, kick, mute, purge, purgebot, removerole, setnickname, slowmode, softban, unban, unmute, warn, warnpurge and warns Admin [34] setadminrole, setautokick, setautorole, setcommandpoints, setcrownchannel, setcrownmessage, setcrownrole, setcrownschedule, setfarewellchannel, setfarewellmessage, setmemberlog, setmessagedeletelog, setmessageeditlog, setmessagepoints, setmodchannels, setmodlog, setmodrole, setmuterole, setnicknamelog, setprefix, setrolelog, setstarboardchannel, setsystemchannel, settings, setverificationchannel, setverificationmessage, setverificationrole, setvoicepoints, setwelcomechannel, setwelcomemessage, togglecommand, togglepoints, togglerandomcolor and toggletype


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