Service Bot#0206

Chat with all people over discord, safe & clean & fast

service boat is the most better bot to make strong connections between people over discord

service bot is child friendly!

Why service boat

Service boat is bot made to send message through bot by creating account at it's system from dashboard or server bot is at it.

This service boat contain page to get some random people at discord to chat with, what i mean random people registered with bot service.

How to i disable getting messages from people at time i am busy at

Ok you, I know some people is busy at sometimes so i made status command to change your status from active to busy if you want.

Actually that's not enough, you can add some people to your blacklist if they are annoying you!

Is there up coming updates

Actually yes, and i listed them

  1. Report system to report users which annoying
  2. Info command to know if use have service account or no.
  3. More random users at users page!
  4. Bump your account to other people to see you at recommention.

That's it

Best Regards,

Dexter (2)#4107


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