Anonymous Email#1145

STOP SCAMMERS AND SPAMMERS! Use this bot to send and receive emails anonymously!

What is this bot is for?

Have you ever wanted to be able to send and recieve emails from discord? It's super easy with this bot!

H-h-how? That sounds so hard to use...

It's easy! Just do the command !!start to get your bot email! And then you can start sending emails with !!sendemail (email address) (subject) (message)

To recieve emails just do

!!check to see your email address

!!inbox to see how many emails are in your inbox

!!email (email number) to get an email. Put 0 as email number to get newest email, 1 as email number to get second newest email number. 2 as email number to get third newest email andddd you get point.


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