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Xtra bot was made to do things better, including some things no other bot does! From customizable verification system all the way to bad nicknames filtering.

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Xtra was created to help server owners get the best out of their server. Please note: Xtra is still in BETA Use x!help to get a list of all available commands!




  1. lockchannel: lock a text channel, making it impossible to send messages in (except for Administrators).
  2. unlockchannel: restore the text channel’s previous permissions, unlocking it.
  1. startchannelmute: Automatically mute members joining certain channels you choose. You can also choose whether you want to mute staff members too or not.
  2. stopchannelmute: Stop previously started auto-channel-mute.
  1. setupverifymessage: Set-up an (almost) fully customizable verification message, that will add a given role to the reacting member.
  2. editverifymessage: Change a previously set verification message’s given role.


Moderation: Automatically change members’ inappropriate nicknames, set-up a custom verification message. Role Management: Set a nickname format to specific roles. Customizable Behaviour: (almost) fully customizable verification system! You can also disable commands and modules! Utility: Lockdown text channels (and restore permissions), auto voice-mute members when joining a specific voice channel.