Hunger Games Bot#4993

A random generator bot for Hunger Games content like memes, trivia, quotes, etc.. Type hgbhelp (regular) or hgbhelp2 (action) for a list of the commands. The prefix is hgb

It can generate random Hunger Games memes, trivia questions, topic questions, quotes, movie trailers and news articles. It can also generate random occupations, weapons, or home districts for the user, or the muttation that is chasing the user or the manner in which the user kills the tagged user or vice versa while both are tributes. Action commands are commands that the user can do to the tagged user such as hugging them, saluting them, killing them, aiming an arrow at them, waving a knife at them, marrying them, kissing them, etc. Can generate random chat reviver questions from r/AskReddit, shower thoughts from r/Showerthoughts, inspirational quotes from, word game topics from and User-Above-You questions from Also generates random anime memes from r/animememes. Also generates random cute pics/gifs to brighten up your day. Also can generate random writing prompts from r/WritingPrompts, funny tweets from r/funnytweets, random jokes from r/Jokes, Would-You-Rather questions from r/WouldYouRather, and funny posts from r/funny. Also can randomly pick a number between 1 and 24, the number of tributes starting out in any given Hunger Games. Also can randomly pick whether the user or tagged user lives or dies as a tribute in a Hunger Games. Type hgbhelp for the regular commands and hgbhelp2 for the action commands. The prefix is hgb


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