Loney is a multi-functional discord used for music , meme, translation, image search, gif, information, weather, music and more . Most special thing is it's AI chat .

Loney is a multi-functional discord bot for music , memes , translation, image search , gif , weather , fun, moderation and main important is it's AI chat by using the prefix ( .[message]) to chat with the bot use .(dot) before every message to talk with the bot and other normal commands can be used by the prefix " kid ". Check loney website for more info.


o Image search

o Gif Search

o Music

o Google Translation

o Moderation

o Direct Messages to a User In the Guild

o Defintions

o Weather

o Rock Paper Scissors

o Corona Stats

o Image Generation

o Chat Bot

o Joke

o Love and Gay percentage Commands

o and more add Loney to your server now and use the cool image search and fun cmds


○ kid help music - to know about music feature

○ kid help mod- to know about the moderation help

○ kid help search - to know about the search help

○ kid help fun - to know about the fun help

○ kid help info - to know about the information commands and help

○ kid help translate - to know about the translation help

o kid imgen help - to know about image generation commands

o kid help settings - to know about the settings

○ kid updates - to know the new updates of the bot

AI chat

AI chat

To Chat with AI in the bot use ' . ' (dot) before your message , Example given below :- For Example user: .hello

Loney: hello how are you?

user: .i am fine

Loney: good to hear


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Prefixkid and.(AI)
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