A Useful bot with 24/7 uptime and so many commands in Moderation, Fun, Image Manipulation, Music, Administration.


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Command: 109 | Prefix: n. | Categories: 7

🎲 Games: 8ball, coin, decode, encode, dogfact, dice, emojify, joke, jumble, math, rate.

✨ General: afk, emojiinfo, membercount, ping, remind, serverinfo, serverlist, uptime, userinfo.

🖼 Images: blur, cat, circle, clyde, delete, dog, facepalm, hitler, jail, kitsune, meme, owoify, rainbow, rip, shoot, smug, trash, triggered, trump, wanted, wasted.

❓ Information: avatar, bug, corona, suggest, discrim, docs, enlarge, help, instagram, invite, poll, reddit, rolemember, spotify, weather, ytstat.

🔰 Moderation: ban, hackban, kick, mute, purge, setnickname, slowmode, unban, addemoji, addrole, removerole, stealemoji.

🏓 Reaction: cuddle, kiss, kill, hammer, fight, feed, pat, poke, punch, pp, rps, smack, slap, tickle.


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