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a bot with every features you may need on a server

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Assistant Bot

– Ever wondered what it feels like to only have one bot with 99.33% uptime for ALL your administrative and entertainment needs?
- Look no further than this bot!

– With automatically renewable weekly premium (bought with the bot’s currency) you unlock:
- Better audio quality from the bot
- CUSTOM profile title!!!
- Access to BETA commands of the bot
All for the price of 10k of the bot’s currency weekly that you can cancel anytime!

– YOU pick the PREFIX your heart desires!! And without a rate limit! You can change as often as you want

– Currently working on adding slash commands for every command on our list, but so far we’ve got:
- giveaways
- And many others that would make the list too big if we added them

– Having trouble with a specific command? Not sure if it’s possible to be done?
- Do not worry!! Just send a direct message to the bot and we’ll assist you ASAP!

– When our support server reach 50 members, we’ll host a MASSIVE BOT GIVEAWAY with constant giveaways happening every other week!!

– Link to the bot’s github: – Do NOT hesitate to invite the bot and test it out!!! \ bot

- What’re you waiting for?? Hop into our support server to see what we’re all about!! (\