Review Bot#9780

Review bot is a simple bot that makes it possible for your users to leave a review on your server!

Review bot was created because I was unable to find anything like it online, do you want to know what people think of your server, with Review Bot this is possible, when invited, it gives users the tools to write a review (with star rating!) to show how much they appreciate you! This of course works great for new members who want to know what the server is like before dedicating to it!

Tutorial video:

Bot commands:


Command - Function

review - This command will trigger the bot to post an embed with the text of your choice.*

anonreview - This command will trigger the bot to post an anonymous embed with the text of your choice.*

help - This will explain how to trigger the bot command.

version - Will show the bots current version.

eg: $review 1-5 'message - eg: $review 5 This bot is great!


Command - Function

helpadmin - This command will explain how the admin commands work.

setprefix - This will change the standard prefix $ to anything you’d like it to be.

setchannel - This sets the channel you allow the bot to post in.

settitle - This sets the title for the embed. (eg Review:)

seturl - This will apply the thumbnail within the embed.

setcolor - This sets the color on the embed (eg eb4034)

toggle - This will enable // disable the $review command. Use 0 for off 1 for on.

Make sure all four set commands are used before using the bot or it will not work.



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