Have you ever wanted a very simple bot that requires no setup? A bot that is aesthetically nice in your server, and will fit in well with a community styled theme? Meet Cassandra!

Cassandra is a bot made for the purposes of fun and utility. It requires no setup, and upon invitation and running the ca!help command, you'll be hooked up with four main categories in Cassandra, fun, utility, moderation and economy.

Fun, fun fun! - Cassandra features the fun commands, such as the API Powered pat, hug, and many more, and also number analyzing commands and even a text to speech command!

Utilize the bot - Cassandra features server utility commands, such as the classic whois, avatar. Featuring special commands, like a global chat and a private corner command!

Moderate the server - Cassandra features commands to kick and ban, as well as changing nicknames.

Economy! - work, commit crime, and rob people for coins, which can be used in the shop and bakery to make pastries!

In conclusion, Cassandra is perfect because it is fun, easy to use, and sure to bring good times to your server! Invite her and have a blast!


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