a standart bot that has features that other popular bots needs to pay , Leany has it free! economy , moderation , fun , utility commands!


Leany is a bot that you can count on for anything. Need help for moderation, need help in making welcome & leave commands, want to use some awesome economy commands? Well, Leany is the bot for all of that. An incredible and perfect bot that can do everything.

Some of the things Leany can do for you is making your server a customizable welcome & leave message for whenever a member in you server joins or leaves. You can create your own title, description and footer message for both the welcome & leave messages which also includes an image which can also be a GIF! The best part is all of this can be done without buying premium or being a donator.

Next, we have moderation. Something that is very important in every server, Leany can help you with that. In addition, moderation commands always get updated for stability and speed! For moderation, you can use the Leany bot to ban, kick and mute someone, after conducting one of the actions, a message will pop up, showing you who did the action, what the action was, the reason for the action, etc.

Want to have some fun too? Well, there are a lot of fun commands too, like a meme command, avatar editing command and more! Fun commands are added when new ideas are thought!

There is also a new support server for Leany where you can put in your suggestions for the bot, use the bot commands, find out information about the bot and receive updates about the bot. It's a god tier looking support server with a layout! If you boost the server, you get awesome perks!

Last but not least, there are Economy commands you can use to earn Leany bot cash which you can use to buy collectables from the shop and have a big inventory! You can use these commands anytime and it is really fun!

Overall, Leany can provide your server and all of your members a very enjoyable time. It is efficient and useful in all cases and situations, making it a very good bot.


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