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Monti Captcha Bot ▹ Monti Bots Created By ☜MontiKasta™☞ ▹It is now easier to verify users entering the server

Monti Captcha Bot - English İnformation

Official bot of MontiBots You can make your server a more modern place with Monti bots.

It is now easier to verify users entering the server

Add the Monti Captcha Bot to your server and start using it now.

Don't forget to choose your language before using the bot : m!language EN

Sends an automatic verification code to the person entering the server

Manual verification is done on request Manual Verification Code : m!verify


m!help : Main command of the bot. Allows you to check all available commands of the bot.


m!settings :Shows which settings of the bot are open on the server.

m!difficulty [options] : You choose how hard the discarded code will be

m!roleadd @role : The user who can verify will give you the role you set.

m!roleremove @role : Allows the user who can verify to take the role you have set.

m!verify : When it is written to a channel, it sends the random verification code to the user and if the user writes correctly Account is verified (at least 1 of the systems must be open or the bot will not send a verification message).


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