The bot has 5 categories and working 24/7

The bot has a leaderboard and a rank system Categories of the bot:

Moderation: warn system, mute system, setwelcome, disable/enable, announce and clear

Channels: m!create - creating a public channel that you own

m!createp - creating a private channel that you can add your friends

m!add - adding a user to your channel and giving him permissions to join

m!remove - removing a user to your channel and taking from him the permissions to join

m!category - Moderation: choosing the category the channels will be created

m!delete - deleting the channel you created before

m!disconnect - kicking a user from your channel

m!setname - setting a name to your channel

m!userlimit - setting a user limit to your channel

Casino: A working 24/7 casino system with gambling, work, crime, slut and more commands!

Giveaways: The bot has a giveaway system with reaction that working every hour until the end

Fun: meme, howgay, 8ball, jail, wanted, slap, deleted, triggerd, enlarge, create-qr, repeat and roast


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