A multipurpose verified discord bot with useful utility commands!


Axia is a multi-utility bot that contains many useful commands and management systems! This bot is well known for its use of customizable suggestion commands

  • Default bot permission are SEND_MESSAGES and VIEW_CHANNEL
  • Args labeled with ^ are optional
  • Use the command 'deletedata' if you want to delete your data from my database
Command Information Args Aliases Bot Permissions
8ball Answers the question, you provide <question> none SEND_MESSAGES
image Displays a image must be in a nsfw channel <search> none SEND_MESSAGES
embed Embeds any message that you send <message> say SEND_MESSAGES
weather Tells you the weather of a location <location> (city) non SEND_MESSAGES
calculate Calculates your math question <equation> cal SEND_MESSAGES
meme Sends a random meme from a subreddit none none SEND_MESSAGES
slowmode Slowmode for a a certain time <secs> none MANAGE_CHANNELS
kick Removes a member from the server <member mention> none KICK_MEMBERS
ban Bans a member from the server <member mention> none BAN_MEMBERS
unban Unbans a member from the server <member id> none BAN_MEMBERS
warn Warns a member from the server <member mention> none SEND_MESSAGES
warns Checks the warns for a user <member mention> none SEND_MESSAGES
mute Mutes a member from the server <member mention> shutup MANAGE_ROLES
unmute Unmutes a member from the server <member mention> unshutup MANAGE_ROLES
invite Command currently being worked on none none SEND_MESSAGES
ping Displays the ping or api lag I am getting none none SEND_MESSAGES
whois Shows relevant information for the member <member mention> userinfo SEND_MESSAGES
serverinfo Shows relevant information for the server none none SEND_MESSAGES
botinfo Shows information about the bot none none SEND_MESSAGES
suggest A simple suggest command <channel (1 time only)> <suggestion> none SEND_MESSAGES
trivia Shows a trivia question for you to answer none triv SEND_MESSAGES
rps Play a game of rock paper scissors ^<rock> ^<sissors> ^<paper> none SEND_MESSAGES


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