A multi-purpose Discord bot which can do everything from Moderation to playing with your avatar!


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A multi-purpose Discord bot which can do everything from Moderation to playing with your avatar! Zhane is mainly built go give users a bot which is free to use and operate witch features which are not available in a single bot!


Zhane has more than 60 commands and 7+ modules! Zhane also has 20+ automated events which can log every action in the server and also keep your server safe from spams and invite links! Zhane is 99.9% online and provides you the best service possible.

Technical Features:

  • Strong Database powered by MongoDb which is hosted on AWS & QuickDB for backup!
  • 99.9% Uptime

Modules / Command categories


Some powerful commands used to manage your server with the help of the bot!


Wanna make your server look cool and clean? Well.. this is the best category for you!


Some commands which are not assigned to a specific category are available here!


Don't know the weather of your city? Don't know how many COVID cases your country has? well... Zhane got it covered! This category also has some commands related to your server like the serverinfo command!


umm... This category will just make you laugh and amazed!


Want to play with your avatar with colors or any other user's avatar? Well.. there are billions of Colors so you can try it and never get bored!


Wanna play games with your friends? Well.. this is the best category! You can also go solo with some commands like soccer and guess the number!


Log each and every action in your server with the help of this module!


Wanna keep your server safe from some predators who excessively mention roles or spam or spam invite links? Well... Zhane got it covered!


This module helps you set a suggestion channel where people can just type and the suggestion will get recorded!


Wanna know how many members your server has excluding bots? This module creates a Voice channel and the stats are sent there!


Give a warm welcome to a user who joins a server or give a farewell to a user who just left! (This category is under development and will soon be released)

Our Trustment

Trusted by our global Discord Bot community and other more than 100+ servers!

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If you need any help regarding Zhane or you wanna report some bugs feel free to visit our support server and hit us up! click this to join our server!

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