bump reminder#6503

Bump reminder is a multi purpose disboard bump reminder, which will remind you for every bump and let you gain more bump then before.

There are three kind of remind options:

  • In a channel where just online person will get pinged, assign members access and they will also get reminded(%setup add <#channel>)
  • Role Remind, will create or add a role, assign members the role and they will get reminded (%setup ping @role)
  • Last User Ping , this is default (will ping the last user, which has bumped)

Set up the first option (@here/@everyone ping):

  • %setup add <channel>
  • %setup ping here/everyone

Set up the second option (role remind):

  • %setup ping <@role>
  • %setup add <#channel>

Set up a custom remind message and custom !d bump response:

  • %custom

Simulate a bump remind & see the current setup (and bump stats):

  • %test
  • %stats & %bump

See every other command and help (%command | %faq)


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