A multi-purpose discord bot with commands relating Moderation, Utilities, Music and Image Manipulation etc! Invite the bot now and enjoy!

A feature rich Discord Bot with lots of commands!

What Command Categories does Infinity Got?

  • Well.. Infinity is designed to mainly focus on the following:
  • Moderation (18 Commands)
  • Utilities (30 Commands)
  • Music (16 Commands)

What else Commands does Infinity include?

  • Except for the Above ones, Infinity includes:
  • Fun Commands (28 Commands)
  • NSFW Commands (11 Commands)
  • Info Commands (11 Commands)
  • Image Manipulation (24 Commands)
  • And Logging (2 Commands) (In Development)

What else does Infinity got except for these?

  • Infinity Gives you the option to customize it's Prefix as per Your Needs!
  • And We are actively working on adding a lot more Logging Commands to Infinity!

Some Useful Stuff

  • For any queries or to report any bugs or glitches, use the =report command!
  • Join our Support Server if you need assistance!
  • Invite Infinity to your Server!

Invite the bot now and enjoy!


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