BetterAntiAlt is the Best Bot for your server If you want to terminate all the alts joining your server/Hence reducing fake members and alts

A Perfect Discord Bot with a Anti-Alt used by 10k+ users and more than 26 servers.

Categories 📑

  • 💡 Set channels for logging
  • 💡 Set Action (Ban/Kick)
  • 💡 Set Days (Age of Alts allowed)
  • 💡 toggle, bypass, unbypass (whitelist/blacklist a user)

Commands List 💫

BetterAntiAlts has a lot of features, with 2 main categories:

  • 🤖 Anti-Alts: setchannel, setaction, setdays, toggle, bypass, unbypass, altchecker (undercoding)

  • 🎀 Others: help, ping, invite

  • 🔐 Adminstator: setprefix

  • BetterAntiAlt has a lot of features, with Custom Config!


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Prefix? customable
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