A simple to use multi-purpose discord bot with economy and utility commands!


Rubic is a simple to use discord bot packed with loads of features, and plenty new commansds added regularly!


  • Why should I use this bot over a bot like Tatsu or Dyno?

Well, the bot isn't designed to compete - It's designed to make certain actions in your guild such as creating and deleting roles easier!

  • How often are commands added?

Usually weekly! We are always open to suggestions by simply typing: r!suggest!

  • What can I do with economy coins?

Nothing right now, but I plan on adding a shop!

  • If I have a question about the bot, where should I go?

Don't worry! You can join the support server by clicking the button "Join Support Server", generally this is used to report bugs but general questions are accepted!

  • Why do some commands require MANAGE_MESSAGES and ADD_REACTIONS perm?

This is so that the bot can create Reaction Based Menus!


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